Name: Calin Bujgoi
Position: Captain (Rotational with Chief Stew Sonia Doucet)
Nationality: Romanian
Originally from Romania, Calin decided to trade in a degree in psychology for a life at sea twenty years ago and also chose New Zealand as a new base. His experience includes crossings of Pacific & Atlantic oceans as well as exploring parts of the Tasman, Caribbean, Mediterranean, North, Norwegian and Barents seas.Calin is an avid sailor and owns a sailing yacht which he loves taking to more remote and unique destinations. With over ten years experience on superyachts alone and a Master’s 3000 GT license he now can’t wait to welcome you on board Pure Bliss and together with the rest of the team make your holiday an unforgettable one.

Name: Gerardo Vaca
Position: Chief Engineer
Nationality: Argentinian
“Gerry” is originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina where he studied Electronics before joining the superyacht industry back in 1999. Since then, Gerry worked with well over 7 different yacht manufacturers and his knowledge of Italian yards makes him a valuable asset on board Pure Bliss. Yachts took Gerry all over the world, From West Coat US to Hong Kong, From the Maldives to Thailand, Singapore, and beyond. He currently resides in the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia. Gerry enjoys most sports, reading, Flying, and being surrounded by Nature and stay active. (so he’s always keen to go for a swim)! With a Y3, Yacht-Master, PADI rescue diver, Industrial Automation, mechanical skills, and Jet Ski instructor certification, Gerry aims to ensure that the vessel and all her associated systems are kept in perfect functioning condition to best accommodate your stay on Pure Bliss.

Name: Neil Holmes
Position: Engineer (Rotational)
Nationality: British
Description: Coming soon.

Name: Edwen Gomez
Position: First Mate
Nationality: Honduran
“Ed” is originally from the vibrant and fascinating country of Honduras. With rainforests, ancient Mayan sites, and a Caribbean coastline it was easy for Edwen to join the tourism industry after completing his Business degree. Fascinated by the underwater life and driven by his sense of adventure, he developed into a competent diver and held many roles leading diving excursions and dive training programs. With over 5000+ dives and over 12 PADI certifications under his belt, he became an expert at introducing adventure-seekers to the magic of the underwater world. After having worked in marine tourism for 8 years, he decided to transition into yachting where he knew his hard-working mindset, enthusiastic personality and fascination for the sea would be appreciated. Edwen loves meeting new people and truly enjoys helping them step out of their comfort zone to enjoy the water and all her beauty.

Name: Ian Stevens
Position: Bosun
Nationality: South African
Description: Profile coming soon.

Name: Fernando Jeffrey
Position: Chef (Rotational with Captain Calin)
Nationality: Argentinian
Fernando joins Pure Bliss as a highly experienced Chef both on and off the water! Originally from Argentina, he now made residence in Mallorca. With 15 years of experience in the culinary world, he has worked in multiple 5-star hotels and restaurants across Europe and South America. He joined the superyacht industry in 2013 first on private yachts and subsequently on busy charter yachts. Gifted with excellent cooking skills and a natural inclination to please, he loves adapting to your culinary wishes. With his gentle personality and the English humor of his father, you will want to take him home with you!

Name: Sonia Doucet
Position: Chief Stewardess (Rotational with Captin Calin)
Nationality: French
Sonia was born and raised near Paris but set out to discover the world at an early age and worked her way around the globe, including Ireland, USA, Australia and New Zealand. A born nomad and explorer by nature, she joined the superyacht industry 10 years ago after several years in the hospitality and tourism sectors. Home is her newly acquired 47ft sailboat that she enjoys taking off the beaten track. In her spare time, she enjoys the outdoors particularly hiking. When not keeping active, she loves learning new languages or simply digging into a good book. Sonia has extensive experience on yachts ranging from 35m to 80m, in both the Mediterranean and the Caribbean. She is thrilled to welcome you on board and look after your every need!

Name: Dianne Varga
Position: Second Stewardess
Nationality: Canadian
Dianne is from Toronto, Canada where she studied journalism. It wasn’t long before the cold winter sent her away to the warm waters of the Mediterranean where she joined the world of superyachts. The corporate world called her back and she spent the past 6 years working for large companies as an Executive Assistant. However, her passion for travel led her right back to yachting and with no regrets she left it all behind to join Pure Bliss. Dianne loves meeting new people and always ensures that guests are truly enjoying their stay onboard. You will be enchanted by her kind ways and willingness to please – or perhaps more by her delicious Espresso Martini! An ideal day for Dianne includes nature walks, hot yoga and enjoying the sunshine.

Name: Courtney Johnson
Position: Stewardess
Nationality: South African
Description: Profile coming soon.

Name: Emanuela Libra
Position: Deckhand
Nationality: Italian
“Manu” is originally from Italy. Growing up in a city between an explosive volcano and an intense Ionian Sea, she loves being surrounded by mother nature’s smells and sounds. She enjoys hiking, skiing, cycling and of course sailing. Manu was a self-employed business woman when in 2012, her passion for sailing led her to cross the South Pacific Ocean. It is during these 8 months that Manu decided to spend the rest of her life on the sea and consolidated her career in yachting, taking her across Polynesia and Australia to the Middle East and Europe. She qualified as a yachtmaster offshore as well as a second engineer, assisting in many refits and rebuilds. With her wonderful and natural personality, Manu is looking forward to assist you in having the best “Pure Bliss” experience!


Below is a taste of what to expect onboard your charter. Your private chef onboard will tailor every meal to each guests preference.


2020/2021 RATES


Summer Base Port: Unavailable/ FL
Summer Operating Area: Bahamas
Winter Base Port: Caribbean
Winter Operating Area: Caribbean Virgin Islands, Bahamas, Caribbean Leewards, Caribbean Windwards


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