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Charter catamaran, SISU comfortably accommodates all 4 passengers, allowing free movement even while sailing, without interference from the boom and ample headroom. Additionally, the strategic placement of the helm station is a distinctive characteristic of Leopard Catamarans. This thoughtful design enhances the sailing experience, blending functionality with luxury. SISU will exceed all expectations on charter! TOYS: 2 Stand Up Paddle Boards, eFoil, Water Scooters (VI Only) Snorkeling Gear, Fishing Gear DIVING: Offered onboard at $75/per person per day dive. No night dives
Make: Leopard
Year: 2018
LOA: 45 ft
Beam: 24ft
Draft: 7ft
Flag: UK


SCUBA Diving Available Onboard! All equipment including a dive compressor is onboard SISU

Diving Rates:
$75 p/person p/dive

Night diving is not available.


Charter catamaran SISU in the British Virgin Islands with accommodations for 4 guests, week long charters all inclusive
C A P T A I N – Frik Olivier
C H E F – Petro Van Biljoen

Frik Olivier
As a highly skilled and safety-oriented professional, I hold the esteemed RYA YachtMaster Offshore certification and proudly captain a 45ft Leopard Catamaran. With an extensive sailing background that spans over 32,000 nautical miles across 20 countries, my commitment to safety is unwavering.

My proficiency lies in precise navigation, meticulous vessel management, attentive crew leadership, and a comprehensive understanding of marine systems. My overarching goal is to leverage this wealth of knowledge and experience to serve as a dedicated Skipper within a distinguished charter company. I am particularly enthusiastic about establishing a presence in the BVI, where I aim to uphold the highest standards of safety, care, and thoughtful planning in every maritime journey.

Over the past 5 years, our voyages have covered 32,000 nautical miles, offering not only a profound understanding of diverse weather patterns across over 80 Latitude Degrees but also enriching our expertise in anchoring, mooring, and prevailing wind conditions. Having traversed the Eastern Caribbean multiple times, we have acquired an in-depth knowledge of anchorages and holding conditions in various regions, including the Bahamas, USVI, BVI, St. Maarten, Antigua, SVG, and Grenada.

In every aspect of my role as a Skipper, I prioritize safety as the cornerstone, ensuring that each voyage is executed with the utmost care and consideration for the well-being of both the vessel and its passengers. My dedication to excellence and comprehensive understanding of the intricacies of maritime travel make me an ideal candidate to lead and facilitate memorable and secure sailing experiences for charter clients.


Below is a taste of what to expect onboard your charter. Your private chef onboard will tailor every meal to each guests preference.

Sunrise Elixirs
Indulge in the exotic allure of our coffee, tea, and juices served alongside a vibrant platter of freshly harvested tropical fruits.

Island Omelette
An egg extravaganza featuring your choice of island-grown veggies or succulent local meats, embracing the spirit of the tropics. Complemented by a dance of cheeses.

Tropical Toasted Bagel Bliss
Experience the fusion of island vibes with our breakfast sandwich. Toasted bagel, ham, aged cheddar cheese, and a sun-kissed fried egg.

Berries and Palms French Toast Fiesta
Delight in French toasts adorned with macerated berries and crispy bacon, a symphony of flavors echoing the tropics.

Bacon & Cheese Tropics Strata
Embark on a flavor journey with our strata featuring bacon, eggs, and a trio of cheeses, reminiscent of the exotic breezes that sweep through the islands.

Fluffy Pineapple Pancakes
Savor the taste of paradise with our fluffy pancakes, available plain or stuffed with Nutella or preserves.

Tropical Tacos at Dawn
Rise and shine with our breakfast tacos, a fusion of scrambled eggs, bacon, salsa, and the creamy richness of avocado.

Sunrise Fried Eggs Delight
Experience the crunch of crispy bacon accompanying perfectly fried eggs, capturing the essence of a tropical morning.
Immerse yourself in a tropical gastronomic journey with our midday offerings inspired by the vibrant flavors of the islands.

Caribbean Chicken Street Tacos
Tender chicken breast, cabbage slaw, and chipotle aioli unite in these delightful street tacos, embodying the spirit of the Caribbean.

Island Bites Sliders
Homemade beef patties, American cheese, tomatoes, butter lettuce, and blue cheese dressing nestled in brioche buns for a taste of the tropics in every bite.

Shimmering Shrimp Pasta Paradise
Savor the sea with our shrimp pasta salad, adorned with red bell pepper and celery, drizzled with a paprika dressing.

Ahi Tuna Bliss Poke Bowls
Indulge in the flavors of the ocean with Ahi tuna, rice, cucumbers, mango, avocado, crispy onions, and a dash of spicy mayo.

Sesame-Glazed Chicken Kabobs
Fresh local greens paired with succulent sesame chicken kabobs, harmonized with Dijon mustard and rice wine vinegar dressing.

Chicken and Roasted Pineapple Oasis Salad
A refreshing escape awaits with butter lettuce, feta, celery, and petit pois in our chicken and roasted pineapple salad.

Caribbean Charcuterie Extravaganza
A symphony of flavors awaits in our Caribbean charcuterie, featuring salami, cheeses, olives, gherkins, nuts, crackers, and various tantalizing dips.
As the sun sets, embark on a culinary journey through our evening offerings, each dish a celebration of the tropical night.

Tropical Sunset Baby Back Ribs
Savor the succulence of baby back ribs paired with Hasselback potatoes and a refreshing broccoli salad.

Balsamic Moonlit Roasted Pork Loin
Indulge in the flavors of the night with balsamic roasted pork loin, accompanied by a medley of roasted vegetables and naked potatoes.

Chicken Marbella Under the Stars
Dine under the celestial canopy with chicken marbella, served with Basmati rice and crusted bread.

Spanish Paella Twilight Symphony
Let the flavors of the night dance on your palate with Spanish paella featuring shrimp, calamari, and mussels.

French Starlit Steak au Poivre
Indulge in the richness of the night with French steak au poivre, served with creamy garlic mash and wilted broccolini.

Moonlit Lasagne al Forno
Elevate your evening with lasagne al forno, accompanied by crusted garlic ciabatta and insalata con feta.

Caper and Garlic Mahi Mahi Moonrise
Experience the enchantment of the tropics with caper and garlic mahi mahi, complemented by a tropical mango and avocado salsa and new potatoes.

Sisu Chicken Curry Under the Palms
Embrace the tropical night with sisu chicken curry, served with couscous, salsa, Ms Balls chutney, and coconut & banana.

Lamb Shank in the Glow of Night
Savor the night with lamb shank, accompanied by buttery mash and a symphony of veggies.
Sweet Tropical Dreams- Conclude your day in paradise with our decadent dessert offerings, each one a sweet farewell to the tropical bliss.

Tropical Paradise Cheesecake
Indulge in our cheesecake adorned with a strawberry-glazed topping, a sweet ode to the tropical paradise surrounding you.

Brioche Bliss Bread Pudding
Experience the richness of the islands with our brioche bread pudding, featuring caramel and almond slices.

Moonlit Dark Chocolate Mousse Delight
Satisfy your sweet cravings with our dark chocolate mousse, accompanied by berries and a cloud of whipped cream.

Banana Boat Surprise
Embark on a delightful journey with our Banana Boat Surprise, drizzled with caramel and Baileys dressing.

Saffa Malva Pudding Twilight Symphony
Conclude your evening with the sweet embrace of our Saffa Malva Pudding, accompanied by vanilla custard.


All rates below reflect a 7 night all inclusive charter. 5 night rates and additional package options available upon request.

2 GUESTS: $17,500
3 GUESTS: $17,775
4 GUESTS: $18,000

Additional Rate Details:
All-Inclusive rates include: Yacht, crew, provisions, full ships bar, cruising permits, and fuel. Rate does not include crew gratuity. Gratuity is customary at 15-20% of the cost of the charter.


From the moment we stepped onto the catamaran, your warm and friendly welcome set the tone for the entire journey. Your genuine hospitality made us feel right at home, creating a comfortable and inviting atmosphere on board.
British Virgin Islands
NOV 2023

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