What is a charter broker?

As a yacht charter broker, I specialize in organizing personalized yacht vacations for clients. I spend my days researching yachts, crews, and the market to give you expert advice on every part of your charter.

Michelle Hannemann, Founder of Sheer Yachting

From choosing the best yacht to planning the perfect destinations and itineraries, I cover it all. I handle all negotiations with yacht managers, ensuring you get the best deal that suits your budget. I’m well-versed in the entire process, including contracts, insurance, and international legal issues, which can be challenging even for experienced charterers.

Having recently worked in the industry as a yacht chef, I know firsthand how charters should run and how amazing they can be when paired with a beautiful yacht, and fun, professional crew.

I work directly with yacht fleet managers, much like a travel agent, ensuring that your money is secure and your interests are protected throughout the process. From planning your itinerary to arranging on-board amenities and activities, I will be there for every detail. If any issues arise, although rare, I act as a mediator to resolve them smoothly. My goal is to provide you with a luxurious and worry-free yachting adventure tailored just for you.

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