What is a Tandem Charter?

A tandem charter is a type of yacht charter where 2 or more yachts are rented together and sail in close coordination with each other. This arrangement is ideal for large groups, events, or special occasions where a single yacht would not provide enough space or amenities. In a tandem charter, the yachts travel together, sharing the same itinerary and anchoring in the same locations, allowing guests to interact and enjoy shared activities while still having the privacy and luxury of their own yacht.

yachts in tandem in the BVI tandem catamarans tied up to eachother for parties larger than 8 that need more than 1 boat

Key Features of a Tandem Charter

  1. Multiple Yachts: More than one yacht is chartered to accommodate a larger group of people. Each yacht operates as part of a coordinated fleet.

  2. Coordinated Itinerary: The yachts follow the same itinerary, ensuring that they stay together and provide a cohesive experience for all guests.

3. Shared Activities: Guests from different yachts can participate in joint activities, such as water sports, excursions, and dining events.

4. Individual Privacy: Despite the shared nature of the charter, guests still enjoy the privacy and exclusivity of their own yacht, complete with dedicated crew and amenities.

5. Enhanced Social Experience: A tandem charter allows for a unique social environment, with opportunities for guests to mingle across different yachts.


Benefits of a Tandem Charter

  • Scalability: It can accommodate larger groups than a single yacht, making it perfect for corporate events, family reunions, weddings, and large celebrations.
  • Variety of Amenities: Each yacht can offer different amenities and activities, providing a diverse and enriching experience for all guests.
  • Flexibility: Guests can move between yachts for different activities or meals, while still having their own private space to retreat to at night.


Ideal Uses for a Tandem Charter

  • Corporate Events: Perfect for team-building exercises, corporate retreats, or client entertainment.
  • Family Gatherings: Ideal for family reunions, allowing different family units to stay on separate yachts while still being close together.
  • Weddings and Celebrations: A unique and memorable setting for weddings, anniversaries, and milestone celebrations.
  • Group Vacations: Friends and large groups can enjoy a shared vacation experience with the added space and amenities provided by multiple yachts.


In summary, a tandem charter is an exceptional way to host a large group on the water, offering a blend of communal activities and private luxury. It ensures that everyone in the group has a memorable and enjoyable experience, whether they’re seeking adventure, relaxation, or a bit of both.

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