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Top 3 Things To Do for First-Time Visitors To the Bahamas

The Bahamas consist of over 700 hundred islands, providing a dream vacation. The pristine white sandy beaches and crystal clear turquoise waters will encourage everyone to relax the second they arrive.

If you’re visiting this amazing island chain for the first time, you’re probably wondering what activities and places you can’t miss. While there’s no shortage of things to do, there are a few spots you’ll want to encounter in the Bahamas.

Pig Beach

Pig Beach is part of the Bahamian islands called the Exumas, located about 80 miles southeast of Nassau. There are various resorts and rentals across the Exumas, but most visitors stay in Nassau. There is an airport if you’d like to be close to the action. You can also book a day trip to the beach from Nassau. Understand you’ll have to take a boat to the beach.

Ensure your tour is going to Big Major Cay; it’s the original pig beach. The pigs tend to be most active in the morning, but that’s also when most tours to the island occur. Book a late afternoon tour if you don’t want to share the pigs. Of course, if you book a yacht rental in the Bahamas, you can stop there any time you’d like.

Lucayan National Park

Lucayan National Park expands over 40 acres and is home to one of the largest underwater cave systems in the world. Two of the caves are open to the public, but divers must receive a permit to dive there. You’ll surround yourself with mangroves, palm trees, and gorgeous waters.

Explore the exquisite Gold Rock Beach. You may recognize it from the “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise. Immerse yourself in nature as you kayak through the mangroves.

Thunderball Grotto

Located west of Staniel Cay, Thunderball Grotto is a kaleidoscope of colorful fish and coral. This brilliant place will make you feel like you’re living a dream. Ensure you take your snorkelling equipment with you on your low-tide swim into Thunderball Grotto, and admire the exotic marine life below. You’ll need diving equipment if you try to enter the grotto during high tide.

The Bahamas are an incredible place to vacation. It’s the premier place to relax and unwind from everyday life. Be sure to visit these amazing places the first time you make your way to the Bahamas. You won’t be disappointed.