What It's really like inside a catamaran

catamaran ALTESSE

When people decide they want to charter a yacht for an upcoming vacation, many realize that catamarans are sometimes the better choice. While most people know what they look like on the outside, not many know much about catamaran interiors. We’re here to discuss what the inside of a catamaran is really like.


When looking at a catamaran from the outside, you might think there wouldn’t be nearly enough room inside for people to move around—this is far from the case. All Catamarans feature 3 – 5 cabins, a fully equipped kitchen, indoor lounging area, and indoor & outdoor dining table. The larger the catamaran, the larger all of these spaces become.

While the cabin areas below deck are smaller than your average superyacht, there’s still more than enough room for guests to move around freely. Plus, the deck space is always abundant, giving you plenty of room to enjoy the Caribbean sea.

Exterior Dining on a 62' catamaran
Catamaran Azuria
Interior Seating, Dining and Kitchen on a 50' catamaran
Interior Seating with Modular Dining Area on a 62' Catamaran


The interior of a catamaran is more than just empty space with a couple of beds. It contains all the necessary amenities you could ever need while at sea. Each cabin below deck has an attached private, full bathroom so that your group doesn’t have to constantly wait on others to finish using the facilities.

Each catamaran has a fully equipped kitchen and indoor & outdoor dining area. If you book a Caribbean catamaran charter through Sheer Yachting, the catamaran you choose will come with your own private chef! That way, you can focus more on enjoying your time off and less on cooking meals.

Guest Cabin with Ensuite on a 56' catamaran
Guest Cabin on a 46' catamaran
Guest Cabin on a 62' catamaran

there is storage everywhere

The final thing to know about a catamaran’s interior is that there is plentiful storage space. Depending on your vacation’s length, you will need a lot of room to store your personal items, whether it’s clothing, food, or souvenirs. Catamarans use all the extra space available as storage.

The bottom line is you never have to worry about limited space on a catamaran. They are way more spacious than people assume at first glance. We know that if you decide to rent one for your next trip to the Caribbean, you certainly won’t regret it.