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When Is the Best Time of Year To Visit the Grenadines?

When planning a Caribbean trip, one of the hardest parts is deciding where to go. One popular spot that people have been checking out lately is the Grenadines. For those who don’t know, this area is a chain of about 600 islands stretching from Grenada to St. Vincent. With so many islands, visiting them all in one trip is impossible. You’ll want to use one of our Grenadines yacht charters to see as many as possible.

Now that you know where to go and how to travel the area, you need to know when the best time of the year to visit the Grenadines is. Fortunately, we’ve taken the time to break down the answer into a few essential things to note before deciding.

Based on the Weather

One great thing about the Caribbean is that the average temperature stays mostly the same all year. The lows rarely go below the upper 70s, and the highs don’t reach the 90s often. The temperature still goes down a little in the winter and is higher in the summer, but it’s barely noticeable.

However, just because the temperatures are consistent doesn’t mean the weather is always perfect. The Grenades get a decent amount of rainfall throughout the year. It’s not enough to the point that it’s dangerous, but it can ruin a day or two of your trip if you don’t plan around it. Luckily, the area doesn’t receive too much precipitation from January through May. Later in the year, though, some months can have up to 13 inches of rainfall.

Based on the Tourism

If you’re more worried about crowds than the weather, then the tourism rates are a stat that you’ll be more interested in. Unsurprisingly, the summer season is the busiest in the Grenadines. July and August are the peaks for the entire year. Outside of that, it can get busy in March, October, and around the holidays. That doesn’t mean there won’t be crowds every other month, but there should be significantly fewer tourists.

Based on the Events

While there are tons of sights to see all year long in the Grenadines, another aspect you’ll want to consider when deciding the best season to visit this area is what kind of events are going on. Of course, some of these experiences line up with upticks in tourism, but that’s the price you’ll pay to experience them. Some noteworthy events are:

  • Bequia Music Festival (January)
  • Mustique Blues Festival (End of January to the beginning of February)
  • Bequia Regatta (Easter weekend)
  • Vincy Mas Carnival (End of June to the beginning of July)
  • Independence Day (October 27)
  • Nine Mornings Festival (December 16 to 25)

This is only an overview of some of the holidays and festivals offered in this area. You’re bound to find an exciting activity with as many islands as the Grenadines have. There’s always something going on that’s worth seeing here.