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Stargazing On a Caribbean Yacht Charter: What To Expect

Stargazing. Is there a more relaxing and beautiful activity? We don’t think so! The Caribbean is one of the best places to gaze at the stars, moon, and planets. The skies come alive at night down in this region. If you’re planning on stargazing on a Caribbean yacht charter, here’s what you can expect.

Prepare To Be Amazed

The planets and moon pass overhead in the Caribbean, unlike in Europe and North America, where they’re close to the horizon. It will be an experience you won’t soon forget. Stargazers flock to the area to witness the amazing experience of seeing the stars directly overhead.

The atmosphere is also thinner in the Caribbean. The stars, moon, and planets will appear closer, brighter, and more vibrant than you’ve ever seen them before.

Easier To Spot Constellations

The absence of light pollution makes the Caribbean the ideal location to spot constellations. You’ll probably find starry constellations you’ve never seen before. The further south you travel, between the Equator and Tropic of Cancer, the easier it will be to spot these breathtaking sites.

Ensure you pack your binoculars and telescope to get a closer view. You can also use apps to help you spot specific constellations and planets. These options are certainly easier to use than a star chart in the dark.

Away From Land Is Best

The further away from land you get, the better because you’re eliminating any light that could dim the stargazing experience. Fill the decks with comfy cushions, lay down on your back, and gaze up at the sky. There are plenty of incredible places to stop. Turks and Caicos is one you shouldn’t miss. Another stop you should make to enjoy stargazing on a Caribbean yacht charter is Curacao.

Look for Glowworms

There are certain places where you can watch the glowworms sparkle and shine in the waters beneath you while you stargaze. Turks and Caicos are one, and around Providenciales is the other. These unique marine worms will display a green glow during the mating ritual, usually a couple of days after the full moon. The beautiful sight will light up the waters below you, mirroring the spectacularly lit sky. It’s definitely an experience you won’t want to miss.

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