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Packing for Your Private Charter

packing for
your private charter

10 tips when packing for
your caribbean charter

Packing for your charter is easy! With these tips you are sure not to forget any essentials while sailing the waters of the Caribbean on board your private crewed charter yacht

62' Sail Catamaran Serenity Now

1. collapsible duffle bag

Similar to cruise ships, the space inside your stateroom is limited. It’s best to choose a soft sided, collapsible duffle bag that can easily be stored away. These bags can store nicely in your stateroom closet or your crew may have additional storage elsewhere on the yacht. Storage for large, hard bodied suitcases is simply not an option.

2. essential toiletries

Make sure to bring all of your essential toiletries. Your charter yacht may or may not provide toiletries such as shampoo, conditioner, lotion, body wash, etc,. In the case you forget to pack some essentials, don’t rely on stopping at the store as shopping options are minimal if existent at all. If you are lucky enough to have time to stop off at a pharmacy, options are slim and pricey. Ask your charter specialist or charter crew what toiletries are available to you and pack accordingly. With all of the sun exposure and swimming, you will want comforting toiletries to get you ready for the next sun packed day.

3. reef safe sunscreen

Reef safe sunscreen is not only better for the planet but also better for you and your family! Reef safe sunscreen should not contain the harmful ingredient Oxybenzone which is a known carcinogen and causes rapid coral reef bleaching. Other ingredients to avoid are Octinoxate, Benzophenone-3 (aka Oxybenzone), Avobenzone, and Cylcopentasiloxane. Our favorite brand of 100% reef-safe sunscreen is Stream2Sea.

You can find reef safe sunscreen in most large retailer and online. Let’s protect ourselves and our paradise waters by only purchasing reef safe sunscreen or better yet, sun proof clothing.

4. medication

There is a good chance you will not have access to a pharmacy before you board your charter yacht. Please have all of your essential prescription medication with you. Other medication such as sea sickness tablets and pain relievers may be available onboard but be sure to check with your charter specialist or charter crew before leaving home. 

pro tip: The behind-the-ear sea sickness patches usually work the best at preventing sea sickness. However, they do require a prescription, so talk to your doctor before leaving for your vacation. 

5. wifi

WIFI on yachts is not always reliable and some yachts do not offer it. Most cell phone providers offer a temporary international data plan to keep you connected while at sea. Once you book your charter, your charter specialist will know exactly what data plans and providers work best in the area you will be cruising. 

6. attire

The dress code in the Caribbean is “relaxed – casual” even at the nicest restaurants. Many guests tend to overpack simply because they don’t know exactly what to expect during their 7 nights at sea. Overpacking is ok, just remember everything you bring has to be stored in small spaces. Here’s what we suggest:

  • Swimwear: Bathing suits and sun proof swim shirts – You’re on a  boat, this is typical everyday wear!
  • Protective attire: Hat & sunglasses (polarized sunglasses are ideal)
  • Shoes: 1 pair of sandals, 1 pair of slip resistant shoes for hiking, 1 pair of water shoes (not necessary)
  • Beachwear: Light coverups when entering bars and restaurants
  • Evening attire: Breezy casual wear. Evening temperatures are around 80 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Events: Something nice if celebrating a special occasion or a planned theme night.

7. Snorkel / dive gear

Relaxing in the water while taking in the views of the underwater world will be your favorite activity during your charter. Having the most comfortable snorkel / dive gear will greatly enhance your underwater experience. Your charter yacht will most likely offer Snorkel & Dive gear so double check with your charter specialist first. Either way, you may want to pack snorkel / dive gear you are already comfortable with. We especially recommend bringing  a trusty mask that you’ve already tested and approved. Dive gear such as BCD’s, fins and regulators will be provided for you – no need to pack bulky items. 

Packing snorkel gear for children is highly encouraged as the gear onboard your charter yacht will be general kid sizes and may not suit smaller faces comfortably.

8. electronic devices

At home and at work you may rely on all of your devices but things are a bit different in paradise. As mentioned previously, WIFI connection is not reliable on the big blue ocean, so free yourself from all of those charging cables and notifications, a cell phone is the most you will need. 

9. Cameras

Luckily these days your cell phone doubles as a camera but if your wanting to take pictures underwater, be sure to pack an underwater camera. Check with your charter specialist first, most yachts have an underwater camera that is available for guests to use.

10. Cash

Cash is king in the Caribbean so be prepared to have a little on you at all times. We recommend each person to pack at least $200 in cash if you are planning to visit any national parks, bars or restaurants. Most places have a credit card machine but you shouldn’t rely on them (remember that whole spiel about spotty wifi). Also, check with your charter specialist regarding crew gratuity – some crews prefer cash over other  methods.

Serenity Now - 62' Sail catamaran chartering the Virgin Islands and Grenadines
62' Sail Catamaran Serenity Now

We hope these tips helped you plan out your charter vacation! Remember you can always rely on your charter specialist at Sheer Yachting to assist you with anything before, during and after your charter.

We want you to have a trip of  a lifetime! 

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