Exploring the Cost of a Crewed Yacht Charter

Dreaming of sailing through turquoise waters, exploring secluded beaches, and indulging in gourmet meals prepared onboard? A crewed yacht charter offers the ultimate luxury vacation, but many wonder: how much does it cost? Let’s delve into the factors that influence the price and what you can expect when planning your unforgettable voyage.

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Understanding the Basics

A crewed yacht charter provides a private yacht with a professional crew to cater to your every need. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or seeking a relaxing getaway, this personalized experience comes with a price tag that reflects its exclusivity and luxury.

Factors Affecting Cost

  1. Yacht Type and Size: Larger yachts with more amenities generally come with a higher price tag. Yachts range from sleek sailboats to spacious motor yachts, each offering different levels of comfort and style.

  2. Season and Destination: The time of year and the location of your charter play significant roles. High seasons, typically during peak vacation times like Christmas or summer holidays, may command higher prices. Destinations vary in popularity and accessibility, influencing costs accordingly.

  3. Duration of Charter: Whether you opt for a weekend getaway or a week-long adventure affects the overall cost. Longer charters often offer better value per day compared to shorter ones.

  4. Additional Costs: On top of the base charter fee, additional costs may include crew gratuities, fuel, provisions (food and beverages), port fees, and optional extras like water sports equipment or special event arrangements. If the yacht of your choice is all-inclusive, the only additional expenses will be air travel and crew gratuity and highly recommended travel insurance.


Sample Cost Breakdown

  • All Inclusive Charter Fee: This can range widely depending on yacht size, amenities, and location. For instance, a 7-day charter on a 50-foot sailing yacht in the Caribbean might start around $18,000 to $28,000 per week all inclusive.

  • Additional Costs: budget for an additional 15-20% in crew gratuities, 2-5% in travel insurance and an average of $400 p/person in airfare.


Planning Your Budget

  1. Define Your Priorities: Decide what aspects of the charter experience are most important to you. Whether it’s luxurious accommodations, gourmet dining, or specific activities, understanding your priorities helps tailor the charter to your preferences.

  2. Consult with a Broker: Yacht charter brokers have extensive knowledge of available yachts, destinations, and costs. They can assist in finding options that fit your budget while meeting your expectations.

  3. Consider Off-Peak Times: Chartering during shoulder seasons or offseasons can offer reduced rates while still providing excellent weather and experiences.

  4. Common discounts: When working with a broker, we will tell you about all discount options. For example, many boats offer a $200 p/child discount for children under the age of 14. Other discounts include half-board packages and local fare packages. These packages will reduce the amount of meals provided onboard saving each charter guest  $75 – $150 p/wk. All meals not provided onboard will be taken ashore.


A crewed yacht charter is a luxury experience that offers unparalleled privacy, comfort, and adventure. While costs can vary significantly based on factors like yacht type, season, and location, the memories created are priceless. Start planning your dream vacation today, and embark on a journey where every moment is tailored to exceed your expectations.

Ready to set sail? Contact us to explore available yachts and destinations, and let us help you create an unforgettable yacht charter experience.


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