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Amazing Wildlife You’ll See While Sailing in the Grenadines

The Caribbean is home to some incredibly colorful wildlife. Sailing through the turquoise waters can lead to spontaneous encounters with turtles, sharks, birds, and more! Keep reading to explore which specific animals you’re likely to spot while snorkeling, diving and sailing in the Grenadines.

Nurse Sharks

The Grenadines are full of harmless nurse sharks that prod around in the sand looking for small fish. You’ll most likely encounter these smaller sharks sleeping while you’re snorkeling. These nocturnal creatures hide out in crevices or under reef overhangs during the daytime. It’s an incredible experience to see a nurse shark in the wild.

Hermit Crabs

You’ll likely come across a moving shell while strolling on the beach. Hermit crabs love sand. It’s where they find new homes as they outgrow their current ones.

If you want to find one, sit still on the sand and wait for a curious black eye to appear. Be careful because thermit crabs do have pincers. They’re usually too small to do any damage, but they can still hurt.

Sea Turtles

You’ll find sea turtles everywhere while you sail in the Grenadines. Dive into the water and watch the turtles munch on seagrass, unaffected by all the snorkelers and other onlookers. If you prefer to stay on the boat, you’ll still see little turtle heads pop up for air.

One of the best places to view these adorable creatures is the Tobago Cays. Marine life is protected in this area, and you’re sure to encounter more than sea turtles.

Spotted Eagle Rays

Imagine bobbing in crystal blue waters and being surrounded by one of the most graceful marine creatures. Watch them dance through the water with ease. These rays will wow you with their beautiful speckles and long tails.

Sea Birds

You’ll find terns, boobies, seagulls, and frigatebirds flying above as you sail through the Grenadines. Frigatebirds are easily noticeable with their dark red throats. They’re known to glide high above masts.

Boobies love to ride the tailwind of boats and do this for kilometers at a time. Sandpipers run along the shore, looking for the perfect place to nest.

Book a Grenadines catamaran charter if you’re ready to view this amazing wildlife while sailing. It will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience everyone on vacation will enjoy.