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Yachts rely heavily on charter yacht brokers, like Sheer Yachting, to book charters and handle the entire booking process. Finding an experienced and professional yacht charter broker is key and this service comes as absolutely no fee to you!

Your Sheer Yachting Charter Broker, Michelle, will facilitate the entire booking process between you and the charter yacht of your choice. With hundreds of yachts throughout the Caribbean, your brokers extensive insight is pertinent to finding the perfect yacht for your needs. 

michelle hannemann | Founder | charter specialist

Michelle is known for her kind nature and positive outlook, “in optimism there is magic” she often says.

Born and raised on Florida’s Space Coast, Michelle grew up cruising the waters of the intracoastal with her family who taught her all about boating, sea life and fishing. Although boating was the highlight of every week, she never imagined it one day becoming a career.

Michelle started her professional boating career as a First Mate & Dive Master in the British Virgin Islands. After about 2 years of snorkeling, diving and tossing lines she sought interest in Charter Yachts. Her and her Husband, Ben, began working as a Captain & Chef team onboard a 62’ sail catamaran in the Virgin Islands which led to a long and exciting career in Yachting. Most recently, Michelle was a permanent chef onboard EXCESS, a 70’ Sail Catamaran and still fills in as chef when requested.

Michelle founded Sheer Yachting in the summer of 2020 while the yachting industry was shut down due to Covid-19. Although working as a chef full time on EXCESS was very rewarding, it was time for Michelle to begin building a new career as a Yacht Broker & Charter Yacht Broker.

Michelle’s experience working on yachts, meeting crews on a personal level, and getting to know exactly what guests expect on a charter, give her an outstanding advantage as a Charter Yacht Broker. Every day she looks forward to planning incredible charter vacations for prospective guests.

Michelle Hannemann

Founder of Sheer Yachting

Licensed Yacht Broker & Charter Yacht Broker

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