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8 Questions To Ask Before Booking a Private Yacht Charter

Making the decision to charter a private yacht or catamaran for an upcoming vacation is an exciting prospect. However, before fully committing to the idea, there are some factors you must consider. These could be things that you need to think about yourself before choosing a boat or ones that you should ask the rental company. Either way, here’s a list of questions to ask before booking a private yacht charter.

What Will Be the Purpose of the Yacht Rental?

For this first question, there’s a good chance you already have an idea as to why you want to rent the yacht, but it’s essential to have a clear reason in mind for doing so. Do you want to use it to visit as many destinations as possible? Maybe you’d rather have it as a secluded place to relax away from it all.

The reasons for renting one can be just about anything, but having a clear-cut answer for this will be pretty helpful. Not only will it help you know how to pack for your trip, but it could also help you answer some of the following questions we have for you in this list.

How Long Will You Be Renting the Yacht For?

The next crucial thing to figure out is how long you’ll need to rent the yacht. If you plan on being out on the open seas for your entire trip, you’ll need to make sure you can rent one of these boats for that long. If you only plan to use a yacht or catamaran for part of your trip, that’ll also affect your decision.

The main reason is that many charter companies only rent out these boats in weekly increments. That means you’ll need to plan your trips accordingly. In most cases, you’ll need to rent it out for at least a week to even secure a reservation.

Where Do You Want To Travel With the Yacht?

Obviously, if you want to travel by yacht to various islands in Greece, you’re not going to be able to use a service that caters to the Caribbean islands, so that’s the first thing you’ll need to figure out. However, even for certain destinations, you’ll need to be more specific.

For example, if the islands you want to visit are far apart from each other, you’ll need to rent a boat that can travel the distance between them in one trip. Some smaller yachts and catamarans might not be able to make the trip. That’s why we offer our Caribbean yacht charters based on grouped islands. The popular destinations in this area are far removed from one another, leading to some trips that aren’t possible by boat.

How Many People Will Be on the Yacht?

Another reason boat size is a crucial factor to consider is that it’s very easy for smaller vessels to get crowded quickly. If you have a large family or know that the boat’s occupants will vary throughout the trip, it’s important to make sure that you rent a yacht that will comfortably fit everyone.

This is especially vital when it comes time to sleep. There must be enough cabins available for everyone to get their own bunk or one they can share with a significant other. Failing to figure this out beforehand can lead to some very uncomfortable sleeping arrangements.

What Kind of Crew Do You Need?

Often, you’ll want to have a captain for this trip. Yachts and catamarans aren’t easy to pilot and require professional training. Even if you took all the courses, the last thing you want to do when trying to enjoy yourself on vacation is drive the boat the entire time. That’s why it’s best to have a captain.

If you want to relax, many charter options also come with a personal chef. They will cook breakfast, lunch, and dinner for everyone in your party. Some boats come with an attendant to help service any other needs you might have. If you decide to charter a yacht through us, yours will come with a captain and chef automatically.

Should You Rent a Yacht That’s Sail- or Engine-Powered?

Not all yachts and catamarans work in the same way. Some use sails for movement, while others use engines. More often than not, people opt for engine-powered boats. This is because they are faster, much more reliable, and take up none of the deck space that a sail would.

However, that doesn’t mean sail-powered yachts aren’t an excellent choice. If you want to experience an authentic boating experience, you’ll want to go for an option that uses sails.

What Kind of Amenities Can You Expect?

Other than scenic views and luxurious travel, most yacht options have additional amenities for you to take advantage of. Other than meals cooked by the chef, you could also expect your boat to have a bar for you to choose drinks from. You’ll also have the ability to go tubing or waterskiing.

Of course, cell service is one thing that many people worry about when on a boat in the middle of nowhere. Unfortunately, picking up any signal out in open waters is rare. However, each yacht will have a satellite phone in the case of an emergency. Many will also offer Wi-Fi, but signals for that will be limited.

What Goes Into Determining the Cost?

It should go without saying, but the prices of chartering most yachts and catamarans will vary depending on the size of the boat and the options they offer. The size will still be the main determining factor for these amenities, though, since smaller boats won’t be able to house all the options that larger ones can. Regardless, the pricing of these rentals will always be fair for what you’re getting in return.

If we haven’t answered all the questions you feel you should ask before renting a yacht charter, feel free to reach out to us or check out the FAQ we have on our site. We’d be happy to put any further concerns you might have to rest.

8 Questions To Ask Before Booking a Private Yacht Charter